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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

 1. We keep our promises

As a family owned business, we truly care about the long term relationship with our customers, and hope you’ll come to us for years to come.  That’s why we do our very best to treat every customer with the honesty and respect they deserve.   It’s our desire that every customer leaves us feeling like they’re part of the family.

 2. We get the whole job done!

We had a customer that came in with an estimate from another shop for $1100 in repairs.  We looked their car over and found ball joints dangerously loose that were not on the estimate.   When we were done with the repairs that were on their estimate and the two ball joints with an extra three hours of labor our bill was about $850!!   Our goal is to fix your car right and keep you safe on the road!

 3. Quality work in a reasonable time!

A while back we had a customer say “It never looks busy around here, the lot is always empty”.  Then he went on to explain that his car had been sitting at another shop for three weeks “waiting for parts”. My response was “We fix the cars and deliver them back to the customer not park them in the lot for three weeks!” Most of our repairs are completed by the next day if we do not have the parts in stock.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority!

When you bring in your car for service at Car Care Clinic, we give it a free checkup to look for any problems that could compromise your safety. Give us a call for a free, no hassle estimate! 

Let us help you keep your car healthy and happy! 

These are just some of the services that we offer. If you need help with 

one of these or any other car repair service, then give us a call, 

and we'll get you a free estimate.


Oil Changes

Transmission Service

Air Conditioning


Engine Repair

Timing Belts/Chains


Tire Changes

Your Local Auto Repair Shop

Meet Our Team

“Here At Car Care Clinic We Strive To Keep You Safe On The Road”

Leonard Newlin


Rob Carwile


Leonard Newlin is an ASE certified “Master Mechanic” at Car Care Clinic and has been in the mechanic business since the 1970’s. 

His first certification was Dr. of Motors, which was followed by a K-Mart automotive certification. After graduating from WAEI in automotive training, he was privileged to work in a small town shop with a man who mentored him in how to fix cars, not in just how to change parts.

Through the years, Leonard has worked at various dealerships, including Chevy, Pontiac, Kia, Suzuki, and Nissan, with extensive training and numerous certifications at each location. Leonard now brings his extensive experience in auto repair to Winchester.

Suspension Work

Well Car Checkups

Lighting and Electrical

Tune Ups



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